Oral Sedation: A Safe, Relaxing Way to Visit the Dentist

Though visiting the dentist is completely safe and essential for optimum oral health, many people fear the trip. In fact, approximately, 36% of people experience dental anxiety. However, fear of the dentist won’t keep tooth decay away — quite the opposite, in fact! This is why we seek to offer safe methods like oral sedation to help you relax for your dental appointment.

Oral Sedation

What is oral sedation?

There are several types of sedation dentists can use to help you relax for your dental exam. Laughing gas, IV sedation, and oral (or pill) sedation are some of the most common.

Oral sedation is an easy-to-administer type that simply involves taking a pill. The medicine works to suppress activity in the parts of your brain that control fear and anxiety. You’ll still be awake for your exam, allowing you to respond to your dentist’s instructions during the exam or treatment. However, you’ll feel very relaxed and won’t generally remember much of what went on.

The effects of oral sedation can take a while to kick in. You’ll have to take a pill a certain amount of time before your appointment (usually about an hour). Be sure to have someone drive you to and from your appointment as you may be too drowsy to drive safely.

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Benefits of oral sedation

Oral sedation is preferable to IV sedation for many patients. People with dental anxiety are also often not big fans of needles. Most people with dental anxiety are also happy with not remembering what went on during the exam or treatment.

Furthermore, oral sedatives for dentistry are regulated by the FDA so you can rest assured that the treatment is safe to use.

Ready for a dental exam?

We understand that visiting the dentist can seem scary. However, the effects of not visiting the dentist are far worse. Oral sedation is an effective way to help people with dental anxiety get the care they need. Our compassionate staff here at Family Smiles of Fleming Island is always happy to accommodate your needs in whatever way we can.