Dental Crowns to Hold Together or Repair Damaged Teeth

What do you do with a tooth that has been broken or severely damaged by tooth decay? Is the only option to pull it out and start anew? Nope! You can get a dental crown from the dentists here at Family Smiles & Facial Aesthetics of Fleming Island instead to protect what remains of your natural tooth.

What is a dental crown?

A dental crown is like a cap that your dentist can place over an existing tooth. Various materials are used to make dental crowns including metal alloys, ceramic, porcelain, or acrylics.

They are useful when a tooth has been broken, chipped, suffered a large cavity, or otherwise weakened. The cap is placed over the tooth to serve as a replacement tooth as well as to protect the tooth from further damage.

How are dental crowns made?

It usually takes a couple of visits to create a dental crown. The dentist will first reshape the existing tooth to prepare it so that the cap can fit over it. They’ll then take an impression and send it to a dental lab to have the crown custom-made. Once the crown is ready, you’ll come back to the office so the dentist can install the crown with special dental cement.

Dental crowns and bridges

Dental crowns can also be used to anchor dental bridges in place to replace a missing tooth or teeth. Your dentist will create a natural-looking bridge to replace the missing teeth. Crowns are fitted over the teeth on either side to firmly install the dental bridge.

Ready for your dental crown?

Do you have a tooth that could use a dental crown? Our experienced dentists here at Family Smiles & Facial Aesthetics of Fleming Island can create and install high-quality dental crowns that will serve you well for decades. Call today to book your no-obligation consultation.