Dental Implants: The Most Realistic Artificial Tooth You Can Get

Wouldn’t it be nice to fill that gap in your smile with an artificial tooth or teeth that look, act, and feel like real ones? You can with a high-quality dental implant placed by a skilled dental surgeon at Family Smiles & Facial Aesthetics of Fleming Island.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are a tooth replacement option that consists of a titanium post with an artificial tooth mounted on top. Implants are a natural-looking option that can replace a single tooth or several teeth.

To place the implant, a skilled dental surgeon inserts a small titanium post into your jawbone to act as a replacement for your tooth’s root. Over time, the post fuses to the jawbone, creating a strong base for the false tooth that will be mounted on top.

Benefits of dental implants

Aside from being the tooth replacement option that looks most like your natural teeth, implants are also easy to care for. You don’t have to do anything outside your normal brushing and flossing routine. Implants themselves can’t get cavities, but proper dental hygiene is still important to ensure the health of your gums and other teeth.

Properly placed implants can last the rest of your lifetime. Plus, implants help provide the support your jaw and facial structure need so that your face will retain its natural proportions. They also allow you to comfortably eat the foods you love, without trapping food in the gap left by a missing tooth.

Ready for a dental implant?

Do you have a gap in your smile that you want to fill? Dental implants are an excellent choice for strong, natural-looking teeth. However, choosing a skilled dentist is important for a successful procedure. Trust the expert and compassionate hands at Family Smiles & Facial Aesthetics of Fleming Island to fill the gap in your smile.