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Wouldn’t it be nice to fill gaps in your smile with a restoration that looks, acts, and feels like your natural teeth? Thankfully, you can with the help of Family Smiles of Fleming Island!

Dedicated to helping our patients prioritize and protect their smiles with thorough treatment plans that meet their unique needs, our team offers complimentary implant consultations to answer any questions you may have.

Are you looking to rejuvenate your smile with a natural-looking, long-lasting, and effective tooth-replacement option that will restore your smiling, speaking, and chewing function? Call us today!

Dental Implants Are The Most Reliable Tooth-Replacement Solution. But What Benefits Do They Provide?

A proven and long-lasting solution for patients with one or more missing teeth, dental implants are known for:

  • Maintaining a patient’s jawbone density, which is negatively impacted when a tooth is removed.
  • Preventing shifting in nearby teeth, which can make them harder to clean and impact overall teeth alignment.
  • Their natural-looking aesthetics. Porcelain dental implants look, feel, and act just like your natural teeth!
  • Their impact on a patient’s overall confidence. When you feel good about your smile, it shows!
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