Routine Dental Cleanings: Just What the Dentist Ordered

Routine dental cleanings are high on the list of things to do to maintain excellent oral health. Though you may not realize it, a professional dental cleaning goes far beyond cleaning and polishing your teeth. Check out what you can expect from a routine dental cleaning at Family smiles of Fleming Island here.

Routine Dental Cleanings

What is a routine dental cleaning?

In this day and age, it’s likely you’ve undergone a routine dental cleaning at some point in your life. The importance of dental visits is widely known, and most people have access to affordable care. However, only about 52% of people visit the dentist every 6 months as recommended. To keep your oral health in optimal condition, be sure to follow your dentist’s specific recommendations.

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What happens during a dental cleaning?

A typical cleaning is performed by a highly trained dental hygienist. They’ll use a small hand-held tool with a vibrating tip called an ultrasonic scaler to break up bits of stubborn plaque and clean them off your teeth. Some hygienists prefer using small metal instruments called curettes to chip away plaque and tartar by hand.

Once they’ve cleared away any plaque and tartar (paying special attention to hard-to-reach areas), it’s time to polish your teeth. This gives your teeth a nice appearance and makes the surface of your tooth more slippery. This helps prevent more plaque and tartar buildup in the near future.

During and after the cleaning, hygienists will also carefully inspect your mouth. They’re looking for any signs of abnormalities, swelling, inflammation, or anything else that could indicate a developing problem.

Happens During a Dental Cleanings

Ready for a cleaning?

How are your teeth? How long has it been since your last routine dental cleaning? If you’re nearing (or have already passed) your regular 6-month checkup, now is the time to make an appointment with the friendly dentists at Family Smiles of Fleming Island! Call today!