Teeth Whitening for a Dazzlingly Bright Smile

We’ll all see our teeth darken and turn yellowish with age. However, that doesn’t mean we won’t stop dreaming of having bright, pearly whites once more. Thankfully, we can give you back your pearly whites with professional teeth whitening solutions here at Family Smiles of Fleming Island.

Take-Home Professional Teeth Whitening

While you can buy over-the-counter teeth whitening systems to do at home, getting a system prescribed by your dentist is both safer and more effective.

Whitening your teeth can damage the tooth enamel if not done correctly. In most cases, this happens when people over-use (or improperly use) OTC products.

Using an at-home product as prescribed by a professional allows you to get the whiter teeth you dream of with a very low risk of damaging your teeth or gums. Your dentists will give you a set of trays with a tooth whitening product that you’ll have to wear for a few hours a day. After a couple of weeks, you should see visible results!

A Whiter Smile Today

Your teeth will be more prone to staining in the days immediately following a whitening procedure. Avoid dark-colored food or drink and follow an impeccable dental hygiene regimen.

With the professionals at Family Smiles of Fleming Island on your side, you can count on safely and quickly enjoying a whiter smile. Call today to speak with our friendly team!

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  • You’ll see a change in one visit
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  • Determine how many shades to go!