A Tooth Extraction Could Help You Attain Your Best Oral Health

Leaving your natural teeth in your mouth and keeping them healthy is always our goal at Family Smiles of Fleming Island. However, that isn’t always possible. Heavy decay, injury, overcrowding, or other issues may mean a tooth extraction is the best choice for your dental health. Here’s what to expect.

When is a tooth extraction necessary?

There are a few reasons why your dentist may recommend a tooth extraction.

  • Overcrowding: Some people’s mouths aren’t big enough for all their teeth. Dentists may pull a tooth to allow room for a new tooth to erupt. Extraction is also sometimes necessary before braces to allow the teeth to move into place.
  • Impacted teeth: This often happens with wisdom teeth and consists of the new teeth coming in at an angle which will disrupt the position of the established teeth
  • Damaged teeth: In some cases, a tooth can be so badly damaged that it cannot be saved. Extraction and a tooth replacement option such as a dental implant are best for your oral health.
  • Infected teeth: Similarly, tooth decay that gets to the soft inner pulp of a tooth will at least need a root canal before the infection spreads to the surrounding teeth. If the damage is extensive enough, extraction and replacement are necessary.

How are teeth extracted?

Though the idea of tooth extraction often conjures up unpleasant images, modern tooth extraction is relatively painless and simple. You’ll be treated with either a local anesthetic or put under sedation if necessary for your individual needs..

When you choose an experienced dentist like those at Family Smiles of Fleming Island and follow all post-operative instructions, you should experience smooth sailing.

Schedule your checkup

One of the best ways to avoid an extraction because of disease is to visit your dentist regularly. If it’s been a while since your last dental appointment or you have a tooth that you think might need to be extracted, don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with us. One of our expert dentists will examine your tooth and offer a recommendation for your optimum oral health.